Of The Things that matter.


And in times like these, you come to realize that it isn’t the places that make the difference but more the people. Leaving anywhere is never easy, especially when you’ve grown to bond with the people around you. Sitting in this empty airport, at lunch hours, I’ve come to realize how lucky i’ve been to meet such amazing/inspiring/beautifully fucked individuals. So this little blurb goes out to all those people. Those who’ve pushed. Those who’ve argued. Those who’ve made my experiences here worth the five short months. I dedicate this to you all and all the effects you’ve had on me even if you don’t realize so.

As a friend of mine would always say…


Portrait of a Writer

My final project for credit completion at Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts Studio Concepts class: TRM 153

“For every fault that appears, a lesson follows”

Coarse Cuts

           With a multitude of tasks to finish and an endless desire to delay completing such things, I’ve decided to introduce a new concept into this virtual notebook of mine. Coarse Cuts. For the few weeks, or even months, to come, I’ll be scribbling, writing, and documenting the first things that comes to mind. No editing. No fine-tuning. Just the presentation of raw ideas and whatever quirky byproduct that may come with it. 

          This is dedicated to the busy lives of people, the laziness of humans, and the dying ambition to yet still create. This is to new things. New ideas. To letting loose with no care and just allowing those juices to flow. Because a famous person once said:

'Act now, beg for forgiveness later'



When I Fall

Gaze into the vast open fields of nothingness that lie in the horizon. Buildings, trees, and highways, progressively becoming less distinguishable as the soupy vapor swallows them. The 5am of a misty morning. Breathe. Inhale, 1, 2, 3. Allow the atmosphere to take you away into the cracks and faults within your memories, and reflect.

 Life is similar to standing at the edge of a cliff. The exhilarating rush of emotions that surge through your veins, that little part of you that taunts you to step forward, to take that risk, because the view will be worth it. Step-by-step, you inch closer towards the edge, simultaneously excited yet afraid with each step you take, curious as to how far you may go. But, with the uncertainty of never knowing when you might actually fall, you still take that step anyway.

 When I fall, I want to plunge with a smile. I want to be able to reflect on the past and not regret any of the things I’ve done, not even what I chose to say to the grunting bus driver who condescendingly peered down on me this morning. I want to end on a high note, drifting away aimlessly and carefree. I’m certain my life won’t flash by my eyes in the mere seconds of me dropping. I probably won’t even remember what kind of cereal I had for breakfast that day. But, one thing is certain. I will remember the things that I’ve done, and I won’t want to regret any of it.

Like the edge of a cliff, life can crumble and fall apart at any unexpected moment. The fragments of parched soil and roots hold onto one another for dear life as our boot prints continually press on them. Spec-by-spec, particles of soil slowly tumble down the declined slope of the cliff that we call life. These hardships in life slowly eat away at the soil of our life, making us more vulnerable to falling. But, for every step closer we take towards the edge, the more exciting and worthwhile the experiences are. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, make that step.


So it’s been quite a long while since I’ve been on tumblr. Although I’ve been regularly using it for gym motivation (shout out to chicagofitfreak and gymandmotivation), I haven’t been doing any perosnal things myself. However recently, I’ve come to realize how lazy I’ve been in regards to creative productivity so I’ve decided to get back on this.

Changing a baby’s diapers, your first trip to the museum, or the first time you scrape your knee. We all have our first time for everything. So here’s to beginnings. Changes for the better, and doing things that aren’t just for the pure sake of fun. Here’s to ideas, thoughts, and whatever the fuck that comes to mind. Cheers.

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